BDOVELO hits the dirt

In a quest to expand our range of events, BDOVELO held a very successful Mountain Biking taster session for road cyclists who are more used to tarmac and skinny tyres. After fuelling up on pastries and coffee, the group hit the trails of the Surrey Hills, on and around Leith Hill.

Once we got over the shock of fat tyres, tree roots, rocks and mud we enjoyed a fabulous morning of cycling around a seemingly never ending network of single track trails. Blessed with excellent weather and capably guided by the guys at Flowtastic, the group quickly got into the swing of coping with all the obstacles thrown at them.

After three hours of full-on cycling and only a few minor bumps and bruises, but plenty of mud, the group retired to the Stephan Langton Inn for a hearty lunch to replenish the energy used and to chat about the mornings exploits. Some excellent contacts were made, and after swapping business cards everyone headed off on their separate ways.