Return to the Velodrome

On 1 November 2017, BDOVELO returned to the boards of the Lee Valley Velodrome, with a host of club members and their guests. For those who attended the London 6 day event the previous week, this was an opportunity to emanate the skills, power and raw competitiveness they’d witnessed, albeit without the live DJ, raucous crowds, and derny riders ready to draft them around. For everyone else, they depended on their memories of the 2012 Olympic Games success, and the subsequent hour world record by Bradley Wiggins – safe to say, we didn’t quite reach those speeds.

After an initial briefing and recap of the features of a fixed gear bike we spent a couple laps in the “safety zone” and ”apron” getting used to the bikes. Having mastered this, we moved onto the “Cote d’Azur”(the thin blue strip that signals the edge of the track). For many, this was their first stab at track cycling, but such was their natural aptitude for it, you really couldn’t tell. From here on in, there was only one way to go… up. Higher and higher up the track, until we were all flying around the 45 degree banking (hint, don’t look down, and don’t lose speed at this point).

From here on we used whatever remained in our legs and lungs (some of us had more than others), and practice what we’d been learning or try a flying lap and see how fast the pros really are!

Once the session wrapped up, we decamped to a local pub, giving everyone a chance to network more than was possible while on the track. Well-earned drinks and nibbles were devoured, stories from the session told, albeit speeds seemed to magically increase as the evening went on, and lots of excitement about coming back in the future.

Overall, another brilliant session at the Velodrome, even if is slowly dawning that I’m not quite cut out to be the next Wiggins/Cavendish/Kenny. I can’t wait for the next event and the chance to catch up with familiar faces, and meet new contacts.